Passover (Pesach)
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The Passover Seder Meal



This meal is the one observed by Jesus with His twelve disciples in the upper room on the night Judas betrayed Him to the Jewish authorities.  It is very important for Christians to celebrate this day as well because it is a complete foreshadowing of the communion or "Last Supper" we partake of during our services on our day of worship. This is where Jesus taught His disciples about the use of the bread and wine to remember what He did for us on the cross.  In fact, as Christians, we should be observing the Passover with a Seder meal every year rather than celebrating Easter with giving out bunny rabbits and hiding Easter eggs.  If you do research way back to the roots of the Easter holiday, you will find the name Easter, along with the rabbits and eggs, are not Christian based at all.



The Passover Seder is celebrated on the 14th day of Nisan on the Hebrew calendar which varies every year between the months of March and April on the Gregorian calendar.  The word Seder means order, so the meal is done in a prescribed order, but not so orderly that the dinner cannot flow with the Holy Spirit.  There are scripts called Haggadah (meaning: the telling) that are different and are available over the internet.  There is not a specific "licensed and ordained" script that has to be used, so please don't get caught up in legalism.  (Download ours below)


Passover  Recipes

In Microsoft Word

Charosett (brick mortar)


Matzo Ball Soup

Chicken Soup

Potato Kugel

Rotisserie Chicken



Kosher Brownies

Pineapple Kugel



It is also a nice time to try out some kosher recipes and there are many available on the internet  It is not a requirement to serve lamb at a Seder, in fact scores of people use brisket for the main course.  We usually end up doing rotisserie chicken because most people enjoy it.  We have been fortunate to have our own Jewish culinary chef, Stephen Edelstein, attending our home church, so we turn him loose in the kitchen and he creates the best Seder dinner available anywhere, completely from scratch.  We have managed to confiscate some of his great recipes to share with others.  Please feel free to download any of the recipes on the right for your enjoyment.




The mother of the home lights the candles at the beginning of the Seder (Included in the Haggadah).


On everyone's plate at the beginning of the meal you will need the following items:

    Charosett: A mixture used to represent the brink and mortar. (see recipe above)

    Horseradish: The stronger the better



    Egg: Needs to be hard boiled, then remove from the shell and roast in oven till lightly brown

    Shank bone: We have found the large bone on chickens usually work best.  So about a month before the meal, we begin saving the bones so we have enough for everyone to have one.  Besides the shank bone, you will also need



For those needing a scripted Christian Haggadah for conducting the Seder meal, we have included (in the links below) the ones we at Emerald Ministries use for the Seders we observe.  It has been composed by combining several others and then fine tuning it with suggestions from completed Jews in attendance.  There is one for the leader and one for all the other participants.  Simply download and print one for each of the attendees.  They are color coded so it is easy for all to follow.  We usually have everyone participate as "readers" (blue) going around the table switching to the next person every time the lead word "Reader" appears.  these are PDF files and you will need Acrobat reader 3.0 or better to read and print them

Leaders Haggadah for Pesach.

Participants Haggadah for Pesach 





















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